Steel Cord Reinforced Conveyor Belt Scanning System


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SteelSPECT is the world-leading steel cord reinforced conveyor belt inspection system.

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Available in both permanent and portable formats, the SteelSPECT system provides the world’s most accurate and reliable detection of broken cables, tension breaks and splice deterioration in real-time.

The SteelSPECT graphical user interface can be viewed by clicking the computer to the left.


  • Q: Where should the scanning head be mounted for best results?

    A: For best scanning results, the beltgard scanning head must be mounted where the belt is flat and free of flutter. A location like this is typically found near the end pulley. The scanning head should be as close to the belt as possible.

  • Q: Are there magnets in the beltgard?

    A: Yes there are. They are used to condition the belt. When setting up a scanner, make sure the belt travels over the magnets first.

  • Q: What is the minimum number of modules I can use to make a beltgard?

    A: The number is two. At minimum, you need the head module and tail module.

  • Q: How do I get software updates?


    A: Send an email to We will respond as soon as possible.

  • Q: I found a bug in the mobile software. Where do I report it?


    A: Send an email to We would love to hear about the bug you found.

  • Q: I have a suggestion for the software. Who should I send it to?

    A: Send an email to We would love to hear about the bug you found.

  • Q: is the steelspect waterproof?

    A: No! The beltgard is water resistant to a certain point. The beltgard is a sensitive piece of equipment. Great care should be taken when handling the beltgard.

  • q: can you guys fix a steelspect?

    A: Yes! Send an email to

  • q: do you provide training?

    A: Yes! Send an email to

  • q: What operating system does the beltgard software run on?

    A: Linux.

  • q: Do I need to secure the STEELSPECT or can it just sit there?

    A: Because the SteelSPECT contains magnets and the cords in the conveyor belt are steel, it is possible for the scanner to be attracted to the conveyor belt and possible attach to the belt magnetically. Secure your SteelSPECT.

  • q: How close to the belt should the STEELSPECT be placed?

    A: As close as possible. The closer the better the scan results. Distance less than 25mm( less than 1inch), less than 12mm(less than 0.5inch) suggested.

  • q: HELP? WHat do i do?

    A: Send an email to or call 604-533-5533.

SteelSPECT provides automatic, in-depth analysis and report generation.